Vision 2020

Inuit represent approximately 85% of the population – tenancy in public housing units is 99% Inuit.

Vision 2020

Our Vision

Habitat for Humanity Iqaluit (HFHIQ) is at a junction in its six-year history where change is being driven by our past success and our current need to grow as an organization.

HFHIQ has developed Vision 2020, a strategic plan for organizational growth from now until 2020. The plan will act as a guide to measure and evaluate our outcomes, effectively communicate our vision to the community, and ultimately inspire and focus the energy of HFHIQ volunteers to achieve success.

Vision 2020 also makes our policies and objectives more specific, long-term, and more consistent with Habitat for Humanity Canada’s national strategic plan.

Our Objectives

  1. Increase number of families served
  2. Increase volunteer engagement
  3. Increase fundraising
  4. Increase partnerships
  5. Increase organizational capacity

1. Build 10 new homes

With our current build rate of one home every two years we are on track to achieve this goal. Our Family Selection and Partnership Committees have renewed their efforts at community outreach and education with the intention of identifying qualified families for these homes in a timely manner.

There are several challenges to achieving this level of success in a Northern community like Iqaluit.  The most significant one being access to a reliable and affordable supply of building locations.  Finding a viable solution is key to the success of Vision 2020.

Helping us to reach our goal
  • Expanding our community outreach efforts in the territory, we would also like to build two homes outside of the city of Iqaluit.

  • Moving to a multi-year, multi-build, multi-family model with would maximize our current capacity to provide decent, well built homes, interest free to local families.

HFHIQ recognizes that this is an ambitious goal but we are confident that we have the capacity as an organization to work with our current partners as well as engage new ones to assist us in making this dream come true.

2. Mobilize 1000 volunteers

  • 650 as local build volunteers

  • 150 non-build volunteers

  • 200 Global Village volunteers

  • 20,000 volunteer hours

Our volunteers and partners are the backbone of our organization. As we move to build 10 homes by 2020, we will focus more efforts on community education for both volunteer recruitment and identification of eligible families for our home selection committees. This will involve increased outreach activities, information sessions, and public service announcements.  

3. Raise $1 million in direct support

As part of our efforts to raise awareness about the work we do in Iqaluit, we plan on increasing our community engagement efforts by hosting local fundraising events in additional to our annual golf tournament.

4. Raise $1 million of in-kind support

With the support of our municipal and corporate partners, our goal is to design and build affordable eco friendly homes that celebrate the culture of the North and provide a home for well-deserved families within our community.

5. Improve Board & Staff Recruitment

  • Increase board capacity and commitment

  • Find the resources to support non-volunteer staff

A concerted effort will be made to recruit a capable and committed Board and identify alternate funding sources in order to acquire the resources needed to employ skilled and multi-faceted seasonal/part time staff on an ongoing basis.