Global Village Volunteers

If more housing were made available to people in dwellings below housing standards, 3,580 groups across Nunavut would want to move.

Global Village Volunteers

Changing Lives

Global Village (GV) volunteers travel over the world to work on Habitat for Humanity builds, bringing enthusiasm and expertise. They work with local affiliates and partner families and increase capacity with the additional people power they provide.

Iqaluit was the first Canadian affiliate to benefit from Global Village support. In 2007, when we built our first house, we had two GV teams. This year, as we begin our fourth home, we have five teams coming to help. That’s more than 60 people this summer alone!

In simple terms, we couldn’t do what we do without the help of the Global Village teams who have worked with Habitat for Humanity Iqaluit.

Global Village participants describe their experience building Habitat homes as “life-changing.” They have an opportunity to better understand development issues, meet other volunteers from around the world, and live and work in a different culture. And now, with the inclusion of Iqaluit on the Global Village map, they have a chance to visit a part of their own country that others merely dream of.

A Unique Land

The Midnight Sun

Iqaluit averages 22 hours of sunlight per day in June.

Inuit Culture

Almost 60% of the population of Iqaluit is Inuit, 80% of whom list Inuktitut as their mother tongue. A visit to Iqaluit provides an opportunity to learn about Inuit culture and traditions.

Arctic Tundra

Far above the treeline, the flora and fauna of Baffin Island are dramatically different from warmer parts of the world. Summer brings lush green tundra and a colourful palette of wildflowers, and the midnight sun shines above Frobisher Bay.

Our Support

Habitat Iqaluit works with the Global Village program at Habitat for Humanity Canada to support the teams who come to Iqaluit. We arrange accommodations, negotiate travel discounts, organize recreational and cultural activities, and coordinate community tours. Our goal is to provide a meaningful experience for our volunteers, create a positive impact in our community, and share our love of our people and our land.

If you are interested in participating on a Global Village team, please contact Suzanne Bullock at Habitat for Humanity Canada directly at

If you have questions about volunteering on our build site this summer, please contact our office at (867) 979-7810 or send us an email.